Matching dog and owner accessories

Mothers like to match with their children, and why would it be any different for pawrents and their furbabies? That’s what we were thinking when designing the newest addition to the Les Chis collection. Say hello to our matching Chihuahua bow and scarf!

Les Chis WAL5557c

The Les Chis bows are made of 100 % wild silk and can be worn with or without the white polka dot scarf. We created a matching scarf for you dog moms or dads, also made of 100 % wild silk. Our scarf can be paired with various fashion styles, from sporty outfits to a more put together look, and will upgrade your outfit instantly. It's the perfect way to make your casual outfit look chic in less than five seconds.

Our Les Chis bows and scarves are limited edition, so make sure to buy one before it goes out of stock! But why should you want to match with your dog?

  • As a pet owner, you feel even closer to your furbaby when sporting similar accessories
  • It allows your dog to truly express its inner diva
  • If your dog, heaven forbid, gets lost, you can immediately show your scarf as a reference
  • It shows the world how much you two care about each other
  • But honestly, we just do it for the gram: matching outfits are totally a thing on Instagram and Pinterest and we’re here for it

Always make sure that your dog is comfortable and happy wearing accessories though, your Chi’s comfort should always be your priority number one! Most Chihuahuas love wearing accessories, but some dogs become stressed and upset when wearing accessories. Also, make sure that the bow is attached correctly and don’t leave your pooch unsupervised. Dogs love exploring and we don’t want them to get tangled while they’re out on an adventure.

How do you like to match with your furry baby? Tag us with #leschis because we live for those cute matching moments.