Everything you need to know about Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are small dogs with a big personality. Don’t let their small size fool you, they are not your typical lap dog and are always ready to rumble. So please educate yourself before you take a Chihuahua in. They are absolute sweethearts, but it can’t hurt knowing the good and the bad before you take on this furry commitment.

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#1 Very loyal

Chihuahuas are very loyal dogs who love their owners dearly. They are affectionate, caring and tend to stick to their owner like velcro. If they would have it their way, they would follow you around 24/7. They are the happiest when lying in your lap, they are the ultimate cuddle bugs!

#2 No great match with small children

If you have young children running around, you better wait until they are older before getting a Chihuahua. This miniature dog generally doesn’t do well with little ones and tends to be snappy towards them. But could you blame them? It’s very scary to have these loud, little persons trying to grab you when you’re that small. They are just trying to protect themselves, because they get injured very easily. Older children, age 10 and up, tend to do just fine with Chihuahuas, as long as they don’t tease them.

#3 Intelligent dogs

Don’t be fooled by their size, Chihuahuas are very intelligent and fast learners! But they’re also strong-willed, which can prove very challenging for their pet parents. The best way to tame your Chihuahua is to train them while using positive reinforcement. Training your Chihuahua is a must, if not it could become a master manipulator.

#4 Security guards

Chihuahuas are very alert dogs, they are well aware of who’s coming in and out at all hours of the night and tend to bark at every sound. It’s important to start training them young, in order to keep the barking at a minimum. Again, positive reinforcement training works best. Just don’t get upset, because it will make the barking even worse.

#5 Always in for an adventure

This William Shakespeare quote could have been written with a chihuahua in mind: ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce’. Chihuahuas love going out and explore new places. Just make sure you bring a backpack or travel carrier, so they can rest when tired. Like our Chi backpack (LINK) or carrier for example. They have a beautiful, yet practical design and are made of luxurious materials and allow your precious Chi to accompany you in style.

#6 Always cold

Chihuahuas are desert dogs at heart, so if you live in a cold climate you better provide your pooch with a heating pad, a blanket and a cute sweater or coat to protect it against the cold. Even if your Chi is wearing a coat, it’s still advisable to limit its time outside in colder weather. Take also special care of their paws, because they easily get frostbitten when on cold, wet or frozen ground. Just keep in mind that Chihuahuas are happiest when they can curl up in the sun or snuggle under a cosy blanket.

#7 Prone to hypoglycemia

Although Chihuahuas are generally a healthy breed, they can experience some health issues such as hypoglycemia. But good news, this condition can be easily prevented with regular feeding. Just don’t let your Chi go long without eating, even if it’s only a small treat. Especially in the morning, it’s important to feed your Chihuahua first thing when you get up. They also require regular teeth brushing, because Chis are prone to tooth decay and infection. We advise you to start brushing their teeth and gums when your Chihuahua is still a puppy, this way they know it’s nothing to be scared of.

#8 Not Easy To Housebreak

Chihuahuas are notoriously difficult to housebreak, just like many other small dog breeds. But it’s not impossible, so don’t despair! You can try the traditional housebreaking techniques, especially if you start young. But there are other ways, you can even train your Chi to use a litter box! Minus the kitty litter, because your precious dog will eat it and get sick afterwards.

Every dog breed has its pros and cons, but who are we kidding? Chihuahuas are precious pups that will conquer your heart in no time. We love our own Chi Dobby to pieces and couldn’t picture life without him! PS, tag us with #leschis on social media, we love to keep in touch with our clients and see all of your cute Chi photos!