How to travel with your Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are the best travel companions ever. They take up very little room and they are well-behaved at all time. We couldn’t picture going on a holiday without our little Chi. Over the years, we created a personal list of traveling tips that we happily will share with you. From travel essentials to useful information, with these tips your trip will be smooth sailing.

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Before traveling

Preparation is key for traveling and even more so if you’re planning to travel with your dog. Here below you’ll find a checklist of important to do’s before the traveling begins.

Pet friendly hotels

Not all hotels allow dogs, period. So spare yourself a lot of stress and make sure you book your hotel beforehand, that way you won’t get stranded with your dog in the middle of the night. Extra tip, even if the hotel is advertising as a pet friendly accommodation, call them personally to go over the details to prevent any misunderstanding.


If your Chihuahua isn’t microchipped yet, this is your priority number one. Imagine your precious baby getting lost without an updated microchip, the horror! So make sure the microchip is still scanning properly and is registered to the correct name, phone number and address.


Make sure your Chihuahua has the needed vaccinations for the country you’re traveling to. We recommend traveling with a copy of the latest vaccination records, just snap a picture of it with your phone. It could come in handy, trust us.


When traveling, you need to bring some essentials to make this trip as comfortable as possible for your little pupper:

  • Bench/crate and/or dog bed
  • Food and drink bowl (collapsible)
  • Small dog travel carrier
  • Food and treats
  • Small dog backpack
  • Leash with pet ID tag
  • Favourite toys
  • Dog poop bags
  • Dog passport & vaccination record
  • Tick removal pincet
  • Towels
  • Medication (against carsickness for example)
  • Pet First Aid Kit

During traveling

By plane

Select your airline carefully

Air travel with your dog requires good preparation. First of all, we advise you to contact the airline before purchasing your ticket. Every airline has specific requirements regarding pet travel, so it’s better to know the facts and restrictions beforehand.

Provide the perfect travel carrier

A comfortable carrier for Chihuahuas is the key to travel success. Like our travel carrier for example! It comes with a supportive cushion inside to ensure the comfort of your Chi.

Arrive at the airport early

This allows you to get settled with your dog and gives you plenty of time to walk your Chihuahua one last time before boarding. Airlines have also the right to refuse pets if there are too many on a flight, so make sure you board early to avoid problems.

Keep your Chihuahua close

Although Chihuahuas are small, they need extra special care while traveling. Thanks to their small size, you can keep them in the cabin with you. But you can also choose to let your pet ride in cargo, but keep in mind that this can be a pretty traumatic experience because of the extreme temperatures and strange noises. We strongly advise you to keep your Chihuahua with you to ensure a pleasant traveling experience for both.

By car

Take regular breaks

Make sure to take a break every 4 to 5 hours If you’re going to embark on a long road trip. This allows your dog to stretch their legs and go for a potty break. The perfect activity is a simple tug of war or fetch to tire your precious Chihuahua out.

Bring a travel carrier

It’s better to confine your Chihuahua in a travel carrier while driving. Due to their small size, Chihuahuas could be injured just by slamming on the brakes. It’s better to play safe with our small dog travel carrier for example, which can be securely fastened within the vehicle using the seatbelts.

Be prepared for carsickness

Sometimes motion sickness remedies don’t work, so you better be prepared with paper towels, disposable plastic bags and fresh bedding.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by plane or car, just keep in mind to be flexible. Plan for the unexpected and don’t stress about getting there on time. Do you have a tip that should make it on our ultimate traveling list? Let us know, because us Chi parents have to stick together!